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The Tip Sheet: 5/18/18

In this edition: Memphis Evolution: Our June/July issue begins here!; News in other publications; Leadership Memphis looking for another crop ; Small biz getting more social (media); Dr. Altha Stewart leads APA; Innovators of the Year: Let’s hear about ‘em; Power Player: Darrell T. Cobbins

The Tip Sheet: 5/11/18

In this edition: Soundways leads the way; Innovators of the Year: Let’s hear about ‘em; Academic partnerships; Professional achievements; What’s a good password?; Power Player: Becky Bowers

The Tip Sheet: 5/4/18

In this edition: Happy 100 to the Memphis Branch, Corky’s wants you, Open on Main is open again, Sundquist honored by Japan, How’s your penmanship?, Power Player: Richard C. Shadyac, Jr., Innovators of the Year: Let’s hear about ‘em

The Tip Sheet: 4/19/18

In this edition of the Tip Sheet: Truckers shift into higher pay; showing the love for single-family rentals; pest controllers join forces; easing up on opiod prescriptions; Power Player: S. Eugene Mathis; Innovators of the Year: Let’s hear about ‘em.

Jay Myers: SOE 2018 Inductee

Jay Myers was fired on his 39th birthday. Most people will imagine that to be a sad event, but most entrepreneurs will perk up and think, “It’s an opportunity!” In fact, as Myers says, “That’s how I got started on my entrepreneurial journey.”

Ron Coleman: SOE 2018 Inductee

Ron Coleman was already a seasoned businessman when some people approached him about being part of a camshaft company. But as a savvy entrepreneur, he couldn’t help but scratch his head. “Of all things,” he wondered, “how many people need a camshaft?”

Kent Ritchey: SOE 2018 Inductee

Kent Ritchey wants to sell you a car. Or, really, anything on his lot at Landers Ford. It’s in his blood. The founder and president of Ritchey Management, LLC and Landers Auto Group has five decades of dealing wheels in the Mid-South, from individual vehicles to dealerships.

Kim Heathcott: SOE 2018 Inductee

Heathcott has come to realize a few truths that she shares with other entrepreneurs. “I’m what you would call a recovering perfectionist,” she says. “You’re just not going to know all the answers. You’ll make decisions that are good and bad and sometimes you get so clutched up over whether it’s the right thing to do — and it may not be.

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