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Taking the Reins

Inside Memphis Business is perennially proud of its CEO of the Year awards. It’s a chance to highlight some of the best aspects of leaders, of businesses, of this city. This year’s winners are plenty different in what their companies offer, how they got started, and how they approach the job.

Bringing Empathy to Innovation

Innovation is one of those tricky words that may mean different things to different people. Like other words that are ripe for misunderstanding — “creativity” and “strategy” come to mind — innovation requires a refining conversation to demystify it.

LinkedIn: More than a job tool

You’ll be left out if you aren’t LinkedIn. At minimum, it is a great tool if you are looking for a job or for good candidates for an open position you are trying to fill, but it is also an effective communications channel for content marketing. Whether you are promoting yourself as a thought leader or your company as the solution, LinkedIn content marketing can help you stay top of mind with your customers.

Hitching a Ride on Better Transit

Several recent studies have shown that Memphis needs better transit. These studies indicate that the Memphis Area Transit Authority needs to become more attractive to riders, employers, and millennials by establishing a dedicated funding source, increasing overall funding, and moving toward a plan to allow increased ridership.

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