The Society of Entrepreneurs is a remarkable group of local visionaries who, beyond having good business sense, also know how to take risks and capitalize on them.

This year, three names were added to the organization and they live up to what it takes to be the best kind of entrepreneur.

In addition, the SOE is presenting its Master Entrepreneur Award to Robert Wang, who was inducted into the group in 1995 and since then has recovered from not one but two devastating business collapses brought on by outside factors. Each time, he wasted no time in getting back into action. As he puts it, “In business, improvement is not enough. Businesses must revolutionize.”

Our 2019 honorees include:

Robert Wang – Creative Co-op and the Regent Group

Steve Charles, M.D. – Charles Retina Institute

Chris Bird: Dillard Door & Security, Inc.

Carl Ring: Ring Container Technologies