Memphis has long had a good reputation for doing good. we are a giving city in the businessplace, at church, at home. It’s also a place that welcomes entrepreneurs, and some of our most determined risk takers aren’t doing what they do for profit — it’s all about philanthropy. Some cast a wide net and aim to serve the larger population while others keep the focus narrow, often targeting overlooked constituencies. Many have been around a long time, many are brand new. It’s encouraging that they exist in abundance.

This doesn’t give anyone leave to be self-congratulatory. Ask most any of the philanthropic groups in town and they’ll tell you that for all that’s being done, there’s much that is lacking. But even with that, the new organizations are reaching deeper and the existing ones are refining how they do their philanthropies.

In this issue:

  • Philanthropy roundup, including:
    • The Assisi Foundation
    • 275 Food Project
    • Slingshot Memphis
    • Jewish Community Partners
    • The Collective Blueprint
    • …and more
  • Laird Veatch – Leadership
  • The Office: Daniel Weickenand, Orion FCU
  • What’s in FedEx’s Future?
  • Exit Interview with Cynthia Ham
  • …and more!

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