For the continued success of a city, innovation is key. Lucky for us, Memphis is a hotbed of brilliant up-and-coming entrepreneurs and idea people, and Inside Memphis Business features four of them as our 2018 Innovation Award Winners. Like most years, our winners span numerous industries: Gebre Waddell and his company, Soundways, look to transform the way consumers experience digital music. Brian Booker, founder and CEO of One Step Initiative, provides underserved youth with study abroad opportunities they may never have had otherwise. Attorney and Shelby County Commissioner Van Turner has been in the news recently for the creation of non-profit Memphis Greenspace, which was responsible for confederate statue removal. Finally, Dr.’s Alberto Pappo and Michael Dyer of St. Jude found a new way to treat pediatric solid tumors. Our winners once again prove that when it comes to innovation, Memphis is up there with the best.

Also in this issue:

  • Inside intellectual property law with Mark Vorder-Bruegge
  • Robots are coming! What does that mean for the workplace?
  • Tom Jones on how Memphis’ low salaries affect innovation
  • Doug Browne takes readers through the offices of the Peabody Hotel
  • Agape Child and Family Services partners with MATA
  • and more…

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