Nancy Coffee

“New Memphis is not just enhancing careers, we are activating and connecting a community of leaders to push our city forward.” — Nancy Coffee, president, New Memphis

New Memphis is an institution dedicated to the cultivation and enrichment of the local business community. It offers several programs geared towards leadership. Embark, a three-month course, guides those in their 20s who have been following their career path for two to seven years. The aim is to turn out individuals capable of excelling in leadership and building connections throughout the community. The Fellows Program is a year-long course for those in the middle of their career paths. Over the year, the programs teaches its participants leadership skills with the goal of turning each member into a city ambassador and inclusive leader who will propel the city forward. The Leadership Development Intensive (LDI) is a program geared toward executive level professionals. The residential exercise takes place over a three and a half days at the Madison Hotel, and focuses on leadership skills to reinforce each participant’s personal strengths. All entrants require a nomination. For new arrivals to the city’s professional scene, New Memphis also offers more casual Newcomers and Summer Experience programs.

Available Programs:

Embark Program

Fellows Program


Newcomers & Summer Experience

President and CEO: Nancy Coffee

Cost: Embark ($300); Fellows ($1,200); LDI ($6,800); Newcomers and Summer Experience (free).

For more information, please visit newmemphis.org22 N. Front Street, suite 500, Memphis, Tennessee 38103