Founder: Marlene Wright

Medical Insurance Filing Services, INC was formed in 1978 by Marlene Wright, and has grown from a one-woman operation helping out a few clinics with their billing out of her home to what it is now contracting with 60 clinics all over the U.S. and employing 49 dedicated hard working employees. MIFS, as the company has come to be known, sets its office apart from other billing services by having a dedicated staff of individuals who know coding, billing and collecting of medical claims from the inside out and who go the extra mile to get claims processed correctly and accurately the first time. MIFS gets the job done by focusing on heavy follow-up on every aspect of the billing cycle from charge entry, payment posting, and follow-up of unpaid claims, appeals and patient contact. MIFS also offers Electronic Medical Record services and imaging.

Located in Cordova Tennessee, MIFS is proud to say that we have progressed as one of the top women-owned businesses in the Mid-South area. MIFS is run by the best of the best women professionals in our field and dedicates itself to proper work ethic and patient and physician satisfaction.


275 S. Walnut Bend Road #200 |

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