Successful partnerships between nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses are based on mutual benefit. Sometimes the connection between nonprofit and company is perfectly natural, as is the case with Hollywood Feed and All 4s Rescue League. Both organizations have a passion for animals and exist to improve their well-being.

“The missions were very much aligned,” says Kayla McKeown, event and rescue group coordinator for Hollywood Feed. “Both organizations focus on community outreach in order to make a difference in the lives of animals.”

Hollywood Feed offers a wide selection of natural and holistic, American-made pet food and premium pet products. The company supports local rescues and the partnership with All 4s Rescue League came out of the rescue group being a customer of Hollywood Feed. In February 2017, All 4s became an official 501(c)(3) organization and Hollywood Feed formalized a partnership with them by supporting the rescue organization with in-store adoption events, food and supply donations, and event sponsorships. 

“Animals are not just our business, they have our hearts and they are our passion,” says McKeown. “We have approximately 70 stores across the Southeast, and work with more than 170 animal rescue groups companywide. In the Greater Memphis area, that’s at least 10 animal rescue organizations. We’re always doing our best to assist in specific rescue needs when necessary, like flea and tick control, as well as providing bedding, doghouses, and food.” 

“Our collaborative efforts include working on behalf of the homeless animal population, as well as addressing overpopulation and hunger,” says Suzy Hollenbach, founder and director of All 4s. “These endeavors are ongoing, year-round. Unlike many rescue groups, All 4s is not an intake rescue organization, meaning we are not foster based. Instead, through a grass-roots, neighborhood-based initiative we offer support to pet owners. For example, we go to all parts of town to offer assistance through our doghouse program, which provides free doghouses, flea and tick medications, food, and other pet supplies. Also, we offer no-cost spay and neuter procedures for qualifying low-income pet owners, and we assist with transportation to participating veterinary clinics.”

The nonprofit also educates pet owners about local ordinances regarding pet ownership. Hollenbach says, “We are also able to hold in-store adoptions and other events that contribute to our fundraising efforts. Some of those proceeds support our TNR [Trap, Neuter, and Release] program for feral cats to impact the problem of overpopulation.”

Since this collaboration began, Hollenbach says about 200 dogs and cats have been spayed or neutered, and more than 30 pet owners have been provided with doghouses, straw for winter insulation, and pet supplies.

“We believe that philanthropy is essential to building and sustaining our place in our communities,” says McKeown. “Our goal is to help people help animals, and that also includes educating others about the need for support for our outreach efforts. Through our collaborative efforts, Hollywood Feed and All 4s hope to lead by example and educate people in Memphis about the plight of the animals in need so that we can continue to expand our community outreach.” 

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