What does it take to be an exceptional CEO? There’s no better way to find out than by example, and here we have some of Memphis’ top leaders who bring their own approaches to success.

One CEO came in to take a children’s hospital to the next level of physical facilities, and more importantly, quality of care. After 12 years, Meri Armour has turned Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital into a nationally recognized institution.

Another leader brought optimism to a project he believed in despite widespread doubt. Jack Soden banked on turning Elvis Presley’s Graceland into a global attraction that would bring in fans for decades. His optimism won.

In the legal arena, leading an august law firm like Burch, Porter & Johnson is very much about consensus. As in any business, there’s a bottom line, but there is particular emphasis on integrity, knowledge, and depth. Nathan A. Bicks, who knows how to listen, shows how it’s done.

The construction business requires a high degree of knowledge, close attention to detail, and the ability to move quickly. Savvy twin brothers Jonathan and Jarrett Logan took their firm, Castle Black Construction, from a residential builder to mostly commercial projects by pulling all that together.

Here are their stories. We think you will find much to admire and plenty to learn.

1,000+ employees: Meri Armour – Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

200-1,000 employees: Jack Soden- Elvis Presley Enterprises

50-200 employees: Nathan A. Bicks – Burch, Porter & Johnson

1-50 employees: Jonathan and Jarrett Logan – Castle Black Construction