The Office

The Office – Jay Myers, Interactive Solutions, Inc.

At Interactive Solutions, Inc. (ISI), founder and CEO Jay Myers has an open-door policy. Walking through that door could leave a visitor confused — is this the boss’ office or is it part of a New York Yankees exhibit? Decorating the walls, several end tables, and Myers’ main desk is Yankees memorabilia, from light-up models of each iteration of Yankee Stadium to a hanging Derek Jeter jersey and several baseball bats. And so much more.

Bill Seely – Varsity Spirit

What makes Varsity Spirit so successful is that it views itself as more than just a company in its field. Rather, as the leading business in the cheer industry, Varsity Spirit takes it upon itself to be an ambassador for the sport and help partner organizations.

The Office – Ken Dowling, Y&R

For the new kid on the block, it can be difficult to find a place in the community. However, it helps to have a friend who can show you around. For New York-based Y&R (Young & Rubicam), a global ad agency, their acquisition of the U.S. Navy as a client paved the way for the firm’s expansion into Memphis.

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