Innovation Awards

Charlie McVean & Charlie Newman

Innovation: It was a herculean effort to pull together all the parties and all the funding, but now the Big River Crossing is the country’s longest active rail/bicycle/pedestrian bridge and people are coming from all over to try it out.

Dr. Giancarlo Mari

Innovation: OB F.A.S.T., (Obstetrical Feasible Approach to Safety Training), an innovative simulation program to train healthcare workers to efficiently handle obstetrical emergencies.

Julie Romine

Innovation: Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis’ Aging in Place program has served more than 350 families by making improvements to housing so seniors can stay longer in their homes.

Dr. Brian Sorrentino

Innovation: Pioneering gene therapy treatment has succeeded where bone marrow transplants have failed to correct immune function of young cancer patients. The upshot is that now hope exists for patients with “bubble boy disease.”​

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